202 – Applications of Group Dynamics

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Prerequisite: Successful completion of a 100 series course on Personal Effectiveness. You are not yet enrolled in this course.

Course Description

In this class, you will learn how groups develop social identities that lead to better (or not better) outcomes. You will also learn the nuances of working with and motivating volunteer groups and how to be an effective leader of such groups, whether you are in charge or not.

You will earn a Certificate and one Leadership Award Coin segment for completion of this course.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership = Motivation
  • Maxwell’s Immutable Laws
  • Understanding Others
  • Creating a “Tribe” or Social Identity
  • Mission and Vision Statements
  • Building Teams
  • Tasking and Following Up
  • Conflict Resolution

Skills Gained

  • Gain buy-in of others
  • Build a cohesive team
  • Involve the right people at the right time

Class Pre-Work (listed on the left)

  • Complete your ‘My Profile’
  • Write a Mission Statement
  • Set your Masonic Organization goals
  • Compose your self portrait

Steps to Completion

  1. Register for the in-person training
  2. Register for the conference/event (if applicable pay the event fees)
  3.  Attend the class
  4. Complete the Feedback form
  5. Collect the Group Dynamics coin segment

Need more information?

Contact the instructor directly or email yrl@YorkRiteLeadership.org.