101 – Personal Effectiveness

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Course Description

The first element of leadership is to be personally effective. Action creates results and right-action creates right-results.

This ONLINE class will help you with assessing your current leadership skill set and abilities while teaching some principals of Leadership from Covey, Maxwell, Tracey, and others. Upon completing the class, you are expected to put into practice  what you have learned to be a more effective personally. This will allow you to ‘let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works’ and will follow your example.

You will earn a Certificate for completion of this course.

Skills Gained

  • Learn how to prioritize your time
  • Learn how to delegate

Class Pre-Work

  • One page to download and reflect on your strengths and what you intend to improve.

Steps to Completion

  1. Complete the Pre-work
  2. Register for the virtual training (Zoom) session
  3.  Attend the class
  4. Complete the Feedback form
  5. Download your completion certificate

Need more information?

Contact the instructor directly or email yrl@YorkRiteLeadership.org.