Frequently Asked Questions

What is the York Rite Leadership Training Program?

This program began in 2011 under the guidance of SK John Palmer, PGM-TN, with the intent to provide business-class leadership training to a few selected masons who were identified as Emerging Leaders. The expectation is that these men would be better enabled to guide our fraternal organizations into the future. Since then, the program has expanded to provide access to more people across the York Rite masonic family.

Those that are selected for the program are expected to invest the time to attend three Department/Regional Conferences to complete the program. There is no charge for the courses, however, the student is expected to pay for their own travel, lodging, and food. In addition, each student is REQUIRED to register for the conference.

To complete the program one must FIRST be NOMINATED to participate. You may self-nominate if you wish and we highly recommend having a Grand Officer of a York Rite body listed as a recommender. SECOND, The registration will be vetted and upon approval, an INVITATION will be sent to the Nominee. THIRD, the Nominee must ACCEPT the invitation. This implies that he or she is committing to putting in the effort to complete the program. FOUTH, Register and attend each class; setting the goal to complete the training program within 4 years.

What can I expect from Leadership Training?

Leadership 101 is focused on the individual and imparts the necessary skills of personal leadership development and the creation of teams.

Leadership 201 builds on 101 and introduces the student to creating and motivating 'tribes' by establishing principles and creating mission and vision statements.

Leadership 401 is currently the capstone of the leadership training program. It is a highly engaging class on how communication works and how to be an influential communicator.

Classes are to be taken in order.

Why is there no Leadership 301?

Leadership 301 was deprecated in favor of the 401 class on communications. We did not reuse the number so it could be easily determined who had attended the communication class.

What happens when I complete the program?

During your third year, make a point to attend the banquet at the conference. During the banquet, you will be recognized for the work you put in and will be presented with a token of your effort. What is expected of you is that you will make a diligent effort to put into practice the skills you have been given. Continue your learning through utilization and be sure to mentor others.

How do I Register?

All candidates for the York Rite Leadership Training Program must be nominated first. Then an invitation will be sent to the candidate and if accepted, they will be invited to attend the various trainings. You are welcome to self-nominate.

Click here to NOMINATE a candidate for the program.