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Level 100

Personal Effectiveness

Learn to self-assess your leadership abilities to know where to focus your skill development. Then learn how a leader impacts and is seen by the individual. Lastly, learn the skills of understanding the individual and creating a real bond where leadership can flourish.

Level 200

Group Dynamics

Take what you learned in Personal Effectiveness and apply those skills to the group. Learn how to assess the characteristics of your members and combine those personalities into teams that execute efficiently and effectively.

Level 400

Influential Communication

Become a conscious creator of your experience, responsible for your results. In this class you will learn how the human mind processes language, where misunderstanding comes from, and how to avoid it. When you are a powerful communicator, you can better share the vision of your organization and accomplish the mission.

Each course is offered as a virtual (online) or live (in-person) class. You will earn a Certificate of Completion for the online classes. You will receive a Certificate and one segment of the Leadership Award Coin for the in-person classes.

All participants encouraged to complete each of the 6 classes.  The online classes are about theory and lecture. The in-person training is application of the skills. By attending all of the courses, you will have the best learning experience. 

Online Training Notice

The schedule for online training will be published in December 2022. Check back for information on registering and when these classes are available.