YRL ILT Room LayoutsConference Planners and Training Coordinators,

These resources are for your use in planning in-person training events for York Rite Leadership at any Department/Regional Conference or for On-Demand classes.

Promotional Handout for you to print and distribute – Instructions on how to join the program

Training Room Layout for in-person (x02) training
Where all three classes are being offered, we will require one room per class.  The 402 class needs to be 2x the size of the number of students because there is a ‘lecture’ area and a ‘practice’ area. At this time, expect 20 people per training – confirm with Lane Pierce or Steve Balke actual numbers.

The training team will bring their own computer, speaker, and projector. We will need the following provided by the conference:
1. Projection Screen – prefer a free standing screen so it can be moved to the front-left of the room
2. Table for the projector and computer
3. Power outlets (3) at the table
4. Barstool or elevated chair (if available) at the font of the room
5. Flipchart or whiteboard (if available) on the front-right of the room

As always, if you require assistance reach out directly to me.

S. Lane Pierce

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